Project Management

  We have 22 years combined experience in residential, commercial, and industrial construction of projects ranging from $50,000 to $137 million. Simultaneously, we have managed numerous capital projects for the association to include a total of 13 projects during 2017-2018 fall/winter period. The projects consisted of: 7 waterproofing projects, 2 air cooled to water cooled chiller projects, 2 roof projects and 2 exterior door and window projects for an estimated total of $11.3 million. Listed below are some of the key services provided for Project Management:

• Provide feasibility studies and estimate useful life of building/grounds components  and equipment 

• Provide capital expenditure budgets 

• Procure Professional Engineer proposals for capital projects

• Assist Professional Engineer(s) to develop scope of work 

• Assist Professional Engineer(s) with and/or procurement of project bids from contractors 

• Assist Association Board with contract negotiation 

• Represent Homeowner Association during such projects

• Conduct project meetings as necessary during projects

• Provide Association Board with project updates and schedule status 

• Inspect work on behalf of Association Board 

• Collect warranty information for such projects